The Indian Press does not appear to be doing full justice to the activities of Rabindranath Tagore in Japan. Does it happen every day that an Indian goes to Japan and there receives the highest honor from all classes of people, from Prime Minister Okuma as well as from the simple monk of the Buddhist Shrine?

We must spread the contagion of greatness among the people. To this end the whole country must be made aware of the important doings and sayings of representative Indians. And who can do this more effectively than the great journalists of modern India? It is genius that elevates the race of men. The Indian ear must ring with the fame of Indian genius. The present intellectual and spiritual revival in the county will be regarded by coming generations as one of the most brilliant chapters inhuman history. I appeal to our great publicists to identify themselves more completely with the Revival. For true is the message which Vivekananda brought poet is merely a symbol. We shall soon have scores and scores of them, men of thought and men of deed. Go watch thyself for watch thy brother, either of you will soon be great.

In what does greatness consist? Not in the size of your materials but in the manner of your doing. There is a great and divine way for all doings, building houses or reaping corn. When man is master of his work, he is full man and therefore great. Greatness consists in putting your soul into the very heart of your work. We are great in the spirit of self-surrender. Karma-yoga must be easier to learn for the children of Krishna. So let us achieve all things by throwing ourselves at the lotus feet of the Bhagavan. So let us offer full praise to those who lead us on this great path.


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