Krishna – My Mother
[From the Tamil lines of C. Subramania Bharati]

The Realms of Life are Her bounteous breasts; and consciousness. Her milk of endless delight, which she yieldeth into my lips unasked; such grace is my Mother’s.

They call her Krishna. Ah, she has clasped me in fond embrace with her arms of ethereal space! And, placing me on her lap of Earth, she loves to tell me endless stories, strange and mysterious. 1

And some of the tales I call by the name of pleasure, evolutions, victories. Yet others come to me as pains, sad defeats and falls; stories, all these, that my Mother recounts to suit my various moods and stages, lovingly told, ever entrancing 2

And many are the wondrous toys and dolls which my Mother showeth me:

There is one that is named the ‘Moon’, and it sheds a nectar-like flood of light. And there are herds and herds of ‘clouds’, many-colored toys, yielding rain. There’s the Sun, too, foremost of my play-things, the beauty of whose face I have not words to depict 3

Toys, toys, toys:

A heavenful of stars sparkling like tiny gems. Many a time, but in vain, have I essayed to count them all. And then you have those green hills, that never stir from their seats, silent toys, offering speechless play. 4

Rivers and rivulets, fair and playful, that wander all o’er the land and, in the end, they flow into that marvelous toy, you ocean, wide and boundless-seeming, with dashing billows, spouts of spray and its long, continuous chant where in my Mother’s name is eve sounded: Om, Om, O….M. 5

Groves and gardens abounding in many-hued gems of flowers; and delicious fruits hanging one the trees, strong in essence, rich in for. Ah, the world is full of such exquisite play-things. All these, my Mother has given me. 6

Nice things to eat and songs all sweet to hear, and companions gifted, like me, with minds, to play with and become one; and these fair girls, fit objects of love, that passion of flaming delight like fiery nectar, killing – sweet. 7

Yet more play-mates:

The winged birds, the beasts that walks the earth, and countless fishes of many and many a kind, there, in that thundering Sea.

Quiet a glut of raptures, too many even to think! 8

And endless sciences and arts she has ordained and, nobler than all these, divine wisdom-for my serous hours.

But when the light mood is on me and I would fain laugh and be merry, many are the jokes she has planned to amuse me with: the lies of priests, the comic feats of kings, hypocrisies of age and the silly cares of youth. 9

Whatever I demand, she gives, my Mother.

Aye, she hastens with gifts, ere I tell her I’d like to have them.

With high grace does she protect me, and says she will make me a yogin, like Arjun, my brother in race.

Always and in all places, my work shall be to sing of the bounteous love of my Mother.

And a long and shining life and other matchless glories, she will grant me as reward-Krishna, My Mother. 10

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