India and the World
[C.S. Bharati]
The Mother has said: “Let the world recognize me.” And the world is doings so. The Sikhs and the Rajputs on the battle fields of Europe are only supplementing the endeavors of Prof. Bose and the other intellectual leaders of Great India.

The Mother has said : “ I Manifest myself once again in my true glory”. And the nation look at her and say : “Thy beauty is great. It will be a joy for ever unto all humanity.” The intellectual classes of th West have already felt the world’s need for India. And we hope that our soldiers will convert the Western “masses” also the cult of Great India.

For the “masses”, with their instinctive love for expressed realities, everywhere demand physical proofs from spiritual changes. And the “masses” are quite right.

To England especially, the Sea Queen of the West, the Mother has offered a beautiful message which, we hope, England will ever remember with feelings of love, and the world, too, will ever recognize as the fore-shadowing of a higher human civilization.

The journals of a country are a real mirror of the people’s mentality, although the editors may not always mean them to be so. The world is moved by the iron laws of Nature. And the thinkers of a country cannot possibly help writing down the actual thoughts of the people of that country.

To England, the Mother has said: “Take all. The entire manhood of my children is at your disposal. Enlist them; let them fight for you, let them vanquish your foes and sustain your greatness.

“Take more than you want. Take all.”

Love is grater that hate. Young India has freely offered itself for military service. I do not hink that anyone is so foolish as to throw a suspicion on the motives of utter nobility and love that prompt this demand for enlistment.

Some have talked of a reward: “England! Will you give us Self-Government after this War? Will you listen to your own higher voice, to the inspired words of your poets, philosophers, and seers? Will you dare to reject the consels of a pitiful Machiavellism?” We fervently hope you will. But whether you will do so or not, we shall never grudge our efforts to aid you. For deeds will count before the Gods, even if they sometimes fail to count before men. The High Gods, even if they sometimes fail to count before men. The High Gods have assured us of life, and we rest content.

India, henceforth, will have only one prayer on her lips, while serving humanity with all her might. And that prayer will be addressed to Heaven:

“Make my arms mighty for service, and my thought mighty for love. For by such means will immortality be best ensured in the coming era of human evolution”.


New India

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