In Memoriam
[C.S. Bharati]
Gopal Krishna Gokhale has passed away and all India is plunged in to a deep and passionate grief. In life Gokhale had naturally many critics on all sides – both among those who wished ill to his country and among those others who loved it too well.

But now all differences are forgotten, and the Pioneer of Allahabad agrees with Bal Gangadhar Tilak that Goikhale’s life should be taken as an inspiring example by every good man in the country. Indeed we “live and learn” – all of us.

Now, what are the principles that Gokhale lived for and worked for?

These are two: (1) Indian Nationhood and (2) Indian Self-Government.

“India – a Nation” that was the Mula-Mantra, the root idea, the basic affirmation of Gokhale’s life and work. We all know, for instance, with what zeal and earnestness he worked for Hindu-Muhammadan unity. Thanks to Gokhale and other workers like himself, we are to –day in sight of the Promised Land.

Again, the demand for Self-Government is not only recognized on all hands as legitimate, but almost every one has got into the habit of regarding Indian autonomy as an assured fact of the near future.

We are all deeply grateful to the King Emperor for His Majesty’s sympathetic message to Mr. Gokhale’s family. It is a gracious act, but, to us, its chief significance lies in the fact that the august Head of the Empire respects the life-principles of Gokhale. Respect for a man’s memory may not mean the acceptance of his opinions and doctrines in toto, but it certainly means respect for this Dharma, his life-work.

Even to-day there must be certain political thinkers in our county who may not approve of Gokhale’s life in everything that he did or omitted to do. But may his soul rest in peace – his country has accepted his Dharma.


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